Levellift Energy Consulting Munich is the strategy and business transformation corporate consultancy in the technological segment. For customers in the energy and supply industry, infrastructure, process automation and in industrial segments, we are partners for the support in demanding projects. In order to offer customers attractive value in an individualized market environment with the means of digitization, it is necessary to clarify subjects and the procedure. Levellift Energy Consulting Munich develops and implements customized solutions with the best possible success. We offer support for your company development through leadership, communication, innovation and optimization of your activities.

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Welcome to Levellift, your corporate consultancy for organization, strategy and business transformation.

We are active

In networked technologies and complex subject areas. We bring development into Smart Infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoT) or digitization. In order to develop the future from ideas and visions, it takes experience and the good qualities of a team.

Business consultancy

For the energy industry, supply sector, utility and infrastructure sector, process automation, data centers, logistics and industry.

In the industry on the road

It is about continuity, success and change. And you want solutions! We take the baton and bring your projects to the pole position. Going forward with the means of choice. We go the direct path for your opportunities and collateral.


/ Projects, programs

The variety of projects has been further developed than ever before. It is about supporting overriding objectives. And it is about solutions in detail for the whole. Projects, despite their diversity, work quite similarly. The question is...

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/ Processes

Good processes connect each other, beeing simple and user oriented as possible, avoids indirections, are defined controllable, robust, safe and transparent. Is that the impression what you have about? Let it prove with our independent view on it or...

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/ Procurement

The procurement sector – for a lot of companies one of the most prospering sectors within. Not later than VW with Ignacio Lopez comes in everyone’s lips, this sector wins influence and importance in most of the companies.

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/ Performance

What is Performance Counseling? This is a very individual part of our consulting offer. In general, it is about the analysis of the topic and the situation in particula. It is about the individual maturity of your business, as far as that is concerned.

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There is more than one answer for a solid development of a company. We have four:


Regardless whether you mean implementation and management of a brand or leading of a team or decisions making with strategical measures. Leadership is most important for the public image a company has. The way you present your services on the market or to hold clients in crisis by the way you communicate, is accredited to the management. Behind there is a clear strategy and business development with the ability to navigate and conscious deciding.


Relationship and collaboration. Your company is working with people for his environment. Clients, potential employers and the competition – you are in the focus. Is the situation going to proceed in an impasse there is normally no way out without intervention. If you act credible and predictable and you are involve the people concerned, than you avoid dissociation and turning away from them. Step by step you will reach a lot of more. Participation, enthusiasm and engagement.


Realize innovation. For this you need a culture, discipline and some inspiration. On the look back we could note that most of the basics for today’s innovations not really new. They exist often since decades. The difference could be made by the service of integration, the ability to go unconventional ways, the portion of luck to be at the right moment on the right place or to pick up the missing link for the breakthrough. We could break the limits faster.


Solid controls are not very attractive but when it’s missing, than we fail day by day. And that could make the difference between hop or top. Smart comparisons, measurements and prognosis could deliver the input. Intuitive perception is equaled important. And the right link is set to that it relates? And finally the question must be answer, do we use the results for continues improvement process?


/ What is the way leading into a Smart World?

Digitization extends the frame set of possibilities. But there is the danger of dissipating your energies. If you offer the client many possibilities, could mean...

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/ Wind power development requires intelligent control

The expansion needs a far-sighted approach, as policy alone can hardly provide and pretend. Expansion freeze in the north it doesn’t need it. 
The intelligent use, control and steering of energy is all the more important since...

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